• Prince Harry and Prince William aren't getting along
  • Their relationship has hit rock bottom
  • This is what the experts say

Experts speak of a "historic low point". Despite their father's coronation, there's an ice age between Prince Harry and Prince William! Ingrid Seward, editor of 'Majesty Magazine', tells 'The Sun' that the royals are very close to each other around the coronation ceremony and the brothers might want to talk to each other on another occasion.

It looks like the brothers won't be hugging anytime soon

"Out of politeness you’d think Harry would want to mingle with his family, no matter how difficult that might be for him. [...] I think his relationship with William is for another time," said Ingrid Seward. That doesn't sound too promising at all!

Also interesting:

Although King Charles is happy about Harry's attendance at the May 6 ceremony, a reconciliation with Prince William is unlikely. While Charles was "forgiving", William was still "upset" by Harry's memoir and the revelations it contained...

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