• King Charles and Queen Camilla will be crowned on May 6th
  • But there is criticism of the British royal family
  • Camilla may not be allowed to wear the late Queen's crown

Next year on May 6th King Charles III (73) will be officially crowned, as will his wife Queen Camilla (75). Charles' requests for changes to his coronation ceremony have already been revealed from the palace. His coronation should be much simpler than that of his mother Queen Elizabeth II (†96) 69 years ago.

Queen Camilla: Can she wear the Queen's crown?

There is currently speculation as to whether Queen Camilla should be crowned with the late Queen's Crown. This adorns the largest diamond in the world and thus causes severe criticism. Not only is this valuable gem a symbol of British colonialism, but it is also said to have been stolen from these same colonies.

The Koh-i-Noor gemstone was gifted to Queen Victoria by Duleep Singh. They were the last emperor of the Sikhis, an Indian religious community. William Dalrymple, a critic, told The Sun: "It is actually part of a wider disconnect of a number of things that Indians get very upset about.. with the colonial period...The diamond has been claimed by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and also the Taliban. It is a hugely sensitive stone."

King Charles wants a modern monarchy

But the diamond also has a long history within the royal family and holds emotional value for them. Because already the mother of the late Queen Elizabeth II owned the diamond.

However, the coronation of Charles is meant to represent a modern Britain that the new King aspires to lead. Whether Camilla, who will be crowned on the same day, will wear the Queen's crown is a matter of debate. However, we will find out what happens by May 6, 2023, at the latest.

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