• Countess Sophie was recently in Liverpool
  • Sophie met 90-year-old Edna for the first time
  • Sophie and Edna have spoken over the phone

Countess Sophie recently met someone she's gotten to know during the pandemic for the first time! As the Royal Family shared on their official Instagram page, Sophie's recent trip to Liverpool saw her pay a visit to a woman named Edna, and based on the photos, it seems as though the encounter was thrilling for both! 

Sophie seen smiling while hugging Edna in new photo

Countess Sophie has formed a special bond with Edna over the course of the pandemic thanks to her volunteer work. As the caption mentions, the royal has talked to Edna over the phone as a Check in and Chat volunteer with the Royal Volunteer Service. However, the two hadn't had the chance to meet in person until Sophie visited Liverpool on Thursday!

The photos shared by the Royal Family of Sophie and Edna together are very touching. In the first image, Sophie can be seen wearing a navy top and smiling as she embraces her friend. Both women appear delighted by the visit, and even posed together for a photo! As the caption mentions, Sophie's meeting with Edna also came during an extra special occasion.

Also interesting:

Countess Sophie celebrated Edna's 90th birthday with her, which undoubtedly made the milestone even more unforgettable. Sophie herself celebrated her birthday back in January, with the queen paying tribute to her. It's wonderful how months after their special correspondence over the phone began, Sophie and Edna finally got to connect in person!