Queen in mourning

Countess Sophie Gives Update On The Queen's Condition

Countess Sophie Gives Update On The Queen's Condition

After Prince Philip passed away on Friday at the age of 99, members of the Royal Family have been visiting Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. To support the Queen during this difficult time, her youngest son, Prince Edward, traveled with his wife Countess Sophie, who gave an update on how the monarch is doing following the loss.

On Saturday morning, Prince Edward and Countess Sophie joined Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle to mourn the death of Prince Philip. The Royal Family lost its patriarch and the Queen's husband of 73 years on Friday. The Duke was 99.

Countess Sophie on the Queen after Prince Philip's death

In front of the Queen's estate, crowds had gathered to express their condolences following Prince Philip's death. Prince Edward and Countess Sophie passed through and greeted the crowd of mourners on their way back from Windsor Castle.

As Sky News correspondent Rhiannon Mills reported, the couple, visibly moved, rolled down the windows of their car to thank bystanders for their sympathies. With tears in her eyes, the Countess then gave an update on the grieving monarch's condition: "The Queen has been amazing," she said.

Queen Elizabeth: This is how she deals with the death of her husband

From the impression her family has given, Queen Elizabeth is coping well with the loss of her beloved husband. It's no surprise, says Charles Anson, Her Majesty's former press secretary. He told People magazine that, due to Prince Philip's health problems in recent years, the Queen was prepared for this moment.

"She would have thought about this moment several times, and her way would be to remain as steady and as calm as possible. […] In my years of working for her she was always calm, no matter what was going on," Anson said.

Today, the Queen is also in her second day of an eight-day mourning period following Prince Philip's death. The funeral will be held in Windsor on Saturday, April 17, and the Duke of Edinburgh's grandson Prince Harry is expected to join the family in the UK by Monday.