• Lady Diana was once arrested
  • She and Sarah Ferguson once posed as police officers
  • This is how the wild evening went

I'm sorry, what? Appearing on Kelly Clarkson's talk show, Sarah Ferguson revealed that she and Princess Diana were arrested at their 1986 bachelorette party! The two had disguised themselves as cops, but were caught and arrested by the real police for posing as officers.

This story is one of the royal history books!

Talk about having a wild side! When officers realized who the two women were, they were quickly released. Prince Andrew's ex-wife recalls how she and Diana hid their engagement rings when arrested. But that's not all the late Princess Diana got up to that night. It turns out she was quite mischievous!

Also interesting:

Diana found bacon chips in the police car and started eating them until she was caught by the police officer. Fergie was happy to share the details of their dalliance as "cops"...

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