• Princess Anne's son-in-law shared the nickname they have for Prince William
  • Tindall affectionately refers to Prince William as...

Mike Tindall affectionately refers to Prince William as "One Pint Willy," playfully alluding to his reputedly modest drinking prowess.

This is what they call him...

"The Prince of Wales is known to me as 'One Pint Willy' because he's not the best of drinkers," Tindall explained on Rob Burrow's 'MND Matters' podcast.

After revealing the nickname, he promptly apologized to Prince William: "It's out there now, sorry sir." Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Tindall, jokingly added that her husband is now in "so much trouble."

Also interesting:

Mike Tindall has not shied away from offering glimpses into the private lives of the royals, and this latest anecdote isn't his first. In a previous chat, he shared details about Princess Kate's fondness for the drinking game "Beerpong."

Such stories add a sympathetic touch to the otherwise reserved and formal nature of the royal family.