• The Crown is the popular Netflix royal TV show
  • Prince Andrew was finally introduced in season 4
  • The series portrays him in a unexpectedly critical way

It took a little while, but Prince Andrew was finally featured in season 4 of The Crown, the popular TV series about the British Royal Family. 

It was a small part, but actor Tom Byrne portrayed the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as a young man. 

And one of Prince Andrew's rare speaking parts in The Crown raised a few eyebrows from viewers. It all ties into the royal's real-life scandal in the 2000s.

The surprising Prince Andrew episode of The Crown

In the episode "Favourites," the Queen (Olivia Colman) hosts each of her children for one-on-one lunches.

On Prince Andrew's day, he starts bragging to his mother about the "latest" girl in his life. To which the Queen responds: "Ah yes, the young, racy, American actress," who we soon learn is Koo Stark, Prince Andrew's real-life girlfriend from the 1980s.

Also interesting:

The Crown's Prince Andrew then gleefully describes one of his girlfriend's films to his mother: "It follows an impressionable, nubile 17-year-old girl, Koo [...]

"She meets several twisted and perverted older predators who seduce the vulnerable, helpless young 'Emily,' as we follow her induction into sensual pleasures."

Taken aback by the girl's young age, the Queen replies: "Are you sure [the film] was even legal?" Prince Andrew smirks: "Who cares?" 

Later the Queen warns Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) about their son: "If he doesn’t change..."

Did The Crown pick sides in Prince Andrew's Epstein scandal?

Considering Prince Andrew's real-life sexual abuse scandal, it's a fairly suggestive scene. Of course, he resigned from royal duties in 2020 due to his connections to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

And he later settled a lawsuit out of court with a victim of Epstein's child sex trafficking ring, who accused him of assaulting her three times. Though Prince Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing.

The Crown is usually thought to portray history from a neutral perspective, but this Prince Andrew episode seems rather deliberate – in taking a shot at the controversial royal...

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