• Duchess Kate and Prince William were visiting the Bahamas
  • There they visited local vendors
  • Kate tried a delicacy, "conch" or a sea snail

Duchess Kate (40) and Prince William (39) have experienced a lot on their trip through the Caribbean in the last few days.

In the Bahamas, the royals dared to try the local cuisine, and Kate in particular had fun trying the delicacies. She certainly didn't just surprise her husband when she ate a snail.

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In the Bahamas: Duchess Kate eats a snail

Duchess Kate and Prince William were so exuberant and relaxed during their Caribbean trip. They had been dancing with the locals and most recently taking a visit to a "Fish Fry" - the royals appeared to be enjoying their little break in the sun.

Duchess Kate and Prince William in the Bahamas

On the Abaco Islands, they ate their way through the local delicacies. Kate didn't shy away from the typical local specialty "Conch", a sea snail. Under William's critical gaze, the 40-year-old dived into the culinary worlds of the Bahamas.

During her visit, Duchess Kate not only shone with her joy in exotic food but also with her summery outfit. The royal once again cut a fine figure in a pink and white shirt dress by Rixo Izzy. Earrings by Nadia Irena and her slightly wavy hair made the look perfect.