• Today is UK Mother's Day 2022
  • Prince Charles honoured Queen Elizabeth II
  • This is the photo he chose and his message

Prince Charles was a good son this Mother's Day. Today is the UK's holiday, which falls a few months before Mother's Day in North America.

And Prince Charles was sure to pay tribute to his mum Queen Elizabeth. He chose a nice picture of them together and, with Duchess Camilla, penned a special message to the mothers of the world.

Prince Charles marks UK Mother's Day 2022

On Instagram, Charles and Camilla's Clarence House page shared the following message: "On Mothering Sunday, we celebrate all the Mothers in our lives and are thinking of those who cannot be with their Mothers today."

For the tribute, Prince Charles chose a photo of himself and the Queen taking a walk in Windsor. The beautiful picture was released in the spring of last year.

On the second slide of the post, Duchess Camilla is also seen posing with her mother Rosalind. Camilla's mum passed away back in 1994.

Also interesting:

We haven't seen Queen Elizabeth spend much time with the Royal Family as of late. She's been at Windsor Castle and hasn't stepped out for public events in a while amid health issues.

But we could see the Queen re-emerge this week. The royals are heading to London for a memorial service for Prince Philip, and the Queen is reportedly expected to attend.

In the meantime: Happy Mother's Day!