Duchess Kate made a special visit to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh on the last day of her trip to Scotland with Prince William. There, the Duchess of Cambridge met little Mila Sneddon, a young girl who has cancer. Mila made herself look particularly chic for the royal visit, seeing as their meeting had a touching backstory.

Duchess Kate looks pretty in pink as she fulfils Mila's wish

Duchess Kate— who has now been part of the royal family for a decade— wore a long pink dress to meet little Mila and her parents. For her visit with the Duchess, Mila dressed up in a tiara and a pink princess dress. Duchess Kate had invited the five-year-old to meet with her after selecting Mila's photo to be included in her pandemic-inspired photobookHold Still.

Duchess Kate granted little Mila a great wish

In the picture, Mila is shown kissing her father through a closed windowpane. At the time, the young girl was undergoing chemotherapy to treat her leukemia, and had to be isolated for her own protection. After she submitted the picture to the project, Mila received a call from the beautiful duchess.

During their conversation, she told Mila that "hopefully, we'll get to meet and then I'll remember to wear my pink dress for you." Indeed, Duchess Kate kept her promise, making little Mila the happiest little girl in the world! The same day, Kate was also seen partaking in several other activities around Edinburgh, which included joining a game of tennis with William and a group of children.