Duchess Kate made sure to share the important stories of 91-year-old Zigi Shipper and 90-year-old Manfred Goldberg for Holocaust Memorial Day. Her discussion with the survivors and the new generation of the Holocaust Educational Trust organizers was powerful and emotional.

Duchess Kate's Reunion With Holocaust Survivors Zigi and Manfred

The Duchess of Cambridge held a virtual reunion with Holocaust survivors she met back in 2017 during her trip to Poland with Prince William and her children. She and her husband toured the Sutthof Concentration camp with Zigi and Manfred.

Both Zigi and Manfred lived in ghettos and concentration camps when they were boys and met for the first time while they were at the very concentration camp that they took the Cambridges on a tour of in 2017.

Prince William and Duchess Kate visit Stutthoff Concentration Camp in Poland in 2017.

The Sutthof concentration camp was one of the first camps to be built outside of Germany but was one of the last ones to be liberated in 1945. Kate became emotional while talking with Zigi and Manfred and two of the Holocaust Educational Trust ambassadors, Maxwell Horner and Farah Ali.

Kate was impressed by the eloquence and kind-hearted nature of the young ambassadors. Maxwell said, "I feel the Holocaust is a focal point of injustice. It was the biggest injustice of Modern history. If we learn about the Holocaust, we can make sure it doesn't happen again, make sure we recognized the signs leading up to genocide." 

Prince William and Duchess Kate visit Stutthoff Concentration Camp in Poland in 2017.

Farah explained, "I have been told time and time again, that learning about the Holocaust from a textbook is rather dull and doesn't make an impact. But to listen to a survivor makes an incredible impact."

Kate Middleton's Reunion With Holocaust Survivors

The Duchess of Cambridge said, "We all have a role to play, all generations have a role to play in making sure the stories that we have heard from Zigi and Manfred today live on and ensure that the lessons that we have learned are not repeated in history for future generations. I am really glad there is the younger generation flying the flag for this work."

"Manfred and Zigi, I never forget the first time we met in 2017 and your stories have stuck with me since then and it's been a pleasure to see you again today and you are right Manfred, it's important that these stories are passed on the next generation."

The Royal family has made sure to bring attention to the survivors and the importance of remembrance. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also posted a series of photos from their visit to the Sutthof concentration camp in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Hear some of Zigi and Manfred's powerful story here:

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