Prince Philip's († 99) death on April 9th brought many changes for the Royal family. Since then, the many roles of the Prince Consort have been redistributed. Duchess Kate (39) has inherited a big one. 

After The Death of Prince Philip: Duchess Kate Will Be Keeping The Family Together

According to Vanity Fair Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, Duchess Kate is said to now be the "glue" holding members of the Royal family together. Prince Philip had this role for years, even back when Princess Diana was feuding with the Royal family.

In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, she said: "I think Kate is the glue. In the same way that the Duke of Edinburgh was always the one who would help resolve family issues. He was the patriarch of the family. I see Kate stepping into that role. Trying to keep things together."

Duchess Kate

According to insiders, Duchess Kate could even prove to be a more popular successor to Queen Elizabeth II (95) than Prince Charles (72) and Duchess Camilla (73). The Duchess's new role is more important than ever now.

Nicholl believes "a lot of people think it would make more sense to skip a generation and let the crown move straight to William and Kate... But the idea of breaking constitution and that is essentially everything the Royal Family is built upon is really something that’s not going to happen."

Royal watchers believed Kate had been acting as a peacemaker between her husband Prince William and her brother Prince Harry during the funeral. Prince Harry may be at odds with the Royal family at the moment but he is still family and has had a close relationship with her children. Kate will be making sure to maintain that relationship as her children grow up, Harry and Meghan have even made sure to send gifts ahead of time for their birthdays.

The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex with their wives Meghan and Catherine attend a service at Westminster Abbey to mark the centenary of the Armistice in central London.

It is all the more important that there is someone who ensures harmony in the family. We are curious to see how Duchess Kate performs in the important role of Prince Philip.

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