• You don't often hear positive things about Duchess Meghan in the media
  • Sometimes she is called "difficult"
  • She is getting honest about her feelings in her podcast

Duchess Meghan (41) invited actress Issa Rae (37) for a new episode of her podcast Archetypes. The two women talk about how they are perceived in public and how much that determines their own behavior.

Duchess Meghan "difficult"? She speaks openly!

Duchess Meghan, who has often been under fire in public, tells in her podcast Archetypes that she is afraid to be perceived by others as "difficult". This fear even influenced the way Meghan interacted with other people.

Issa Rae also knows this feeling and reports that she was told by someone that she is "particular". However, she takes that as a compliment. "'That just means I have a point of view. That means that, you know, I have a particular taste and I appreciate that. Thank you.’ And so, for me, it just means that I have a sense of what I want. And so I have no issue claiming those things," she explains to Meghan. 

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Meghan then agrees with her and tells about her own experiences and what she has learned. Today she is done with being quiet and cautious, just for fear of being misunderstood.

The Royal clarifies, "Just say what it is that you need. You're allowed to set a boundary. You're allowed to be clear.' It does not make you demanding. It does not make you difficult. Makes you clear."

Duchess Meghan: THIS is how she was portrayed in public 

If you look at Duchess Meghan's past as an active member of the British Royal Family, she was often referred to by the public as "demanding" and "controlling". Bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan were loud, she is said to have been a difficult boss and employees are said to have even resigned because of her.

Duchess Meghan gets emotional in a new interview

However, a source close to Meghan and Harry told ELLE.com in 2019 exactly the opposite of what the majority of the public saw in Meghan. 

Another source also told US Weekly that she could not detect any wrongdoing. "Meghan is a fair boss and never bullied anyone who worked for her at the Palace in the first place," the source said.