• Duchess Meghan Cooks with Afghan women in Cali
  • She joined her Welcome Project initiative
  • For an evening of cooking and storytelling

Last Saturday, kitchens sizzled with more than just the aroma of traditional Afghan dishes as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, spiced up the Southern California Welcome Project with her presence. The duchess, known for her philanthropic palate, served up a generous helping of support and solidarity for women who've resettled from Afghanistan.

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Snapped in candid shots, Meghan was all smiles in a chic navy 'Archewell Foundation' apron, mingling and mixing with the women at the heart of the project. The night's menu? A delicious spread of Ashak and Mantuu, but the real feast was the exchange of personal stories that followed, nourishing the souls of a tight-knit intergenerational sisterhood.

Archewell Foundation and Mina's List collaborate for the Welcome Project

The Archewell Foundation didn't whip up this event alone! They joined forces with Mina's List, a powerhouse nonprofit that's been a lifeline for over 2,000 Afghan women and families, ensuring safe evacuations and resettlements.

Beyond Southern California, the Welcome Project has laid the table for community and connection in 11 active chapters across the U.S. From art to the great outdoors, these chapters are about more than just food – they're about forging friendships and building bridges.

From hubb to heartfelt: Meghan's culinary community journey

Meghan's culinary connection dates back to the Hubb Community Kitchen, born from the ashes of the Grenfell Tower fire. Her collaboration with the group led to the "Together: Our Community Kitchen" cookbook, a bestseller that proved food really is the ingredient that binds us together.

Reflecting on her journey from Hubb to now, Meghan shared with Harper's Bazaar, "A home-cooked meal from one neighbor to another, when they need it most, is what community is all about." And if her latest kitchen caper is anything to go by, the Duchess is still serving up that community spirit, one heartwarming dish at a time.