Have you met Meghan's mom blogger twin? Akeisha Land, a Missouri mom blogger and influencer has been sharing pictures of her adorable family for several years on Instagram. Now she became the latest social media sensation - royal fans think she looks exactly like Duchess Meghan!

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Akeisha Land could certainly be Duchess Meghan's twin!

Akeisha Land explained she usually shares pictures of her kids and her followers always comment sweet things about them! However, everything changed a couple days ago when she realized now the comments revolve around her! "Literally every comment about me. It’s very different! I’m not used to being in the forefront. I’m used to it being about my kids. It’s overwhelming."

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Akeisha Land thinks Meghan Markle is beautiful

Although the mom blogger claims to feel a bit overwhelmed by being the new social media sensation, she says she takes it as a huge compliment: "I think she’s gorgeous." She even joked about getting a look-alike job: "I told one of the commenters on my post I need to reach out to her people and tell them if they ever need a doppelgänger…"

Duchess Meghan and Akeisha Land are both gorgeous!