The Duke of Cambridge went to Everton on Thursday and headed for 'Everton in the Community', an official charity set up by the footall club Everton FC. 

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Once there, Prince William met up with Everton stars Theo Walcott, Jordan Pickford, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Seamus Coleman and Tom Davies to talk about what kind of pressure they deal with as professional footballers - on and off the pitch.

Prince William: "They shouldn't be embarrassed"

The Duke asked them if they have ever come across other players with mental health issues and Seamus Coleman replied: "I've spoken to a couple of lads in Ireland and it's not until they have finished playing they have started speaking about it."

Prince William replied: "They shouldn't be embarrassed," and added, "I really appreciate what you guys are doing, it's fantastic."

Striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin told the Duke: "We have had some tough times over the past two or three seasons and we have helped each other. One thing that nothing can prepare you for is the opinions of thousands and thousands of people."

Throughout the day, the Duke of Cambridge visited three more charities: 'Stand Together' tackles social isolation among the elderly, 'Tackling the Blues', an initiative for youngsters with mental health problems, and 'Everton Veterans Hub', which supports former members of the armed forces.