According to a report by The Sun, Queen Elizabeth II met with her son Prince Charles for an emergency meeting about Prince Andrews's involvement in the investigation into the late Jeffrey Epstein.

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Apparently, there's a "growing frustration" among some members of the royal family with the fact that the Duke of York is back in the headlines again, after being called out publicly by Geoffrey S. Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Prince Andrew is "angry" and "bewildered"

At a news conference in New York City, Berman said that the Duke of York has provided "zero cooperation" with the investigation so far, which left Prince Andrew "angry" and "bewildered". He reportedly said that he was "more than happy to talk to the FBI."

He also claims that he was never approached by U.S. law enforcement to be interviewed about Epstein while Berman insisted that the FBI had tried "several" times to arrange a meeting with Prince Andrew.

Prince Charles & the Queen met at Sandringham

With Prince Andrew making headlines again after being called out by Berman, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth met at Sandringham to talk about "family matters" and Prince Andrew's future public role, The Sun reports.

A source told The Sun: "Both had hoped the Duke of York could perhaps be rehabilitated back into public life in time but that is now looking increasingly unlikely."

The royal family thought that with Prince Andrew stepping back from all royal duties after his infamous BBC interview, speculations about him and his association to Epstein would die down. That has NOT happened, clearly.

According to The Sun, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on a possible meeting between the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

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