• Prince Harry's book will be published soon
  • Duchess Meghan supports him with this strategy
  • She tries to increase the sales figures

Prince Harry's (38) biography will soon be released and the news is already causing a lot of excitement in the royal family. Already the reveal of the title and the cover caused a lot of speculation. But in this intense time, Duchess Meghan(41) is standing strong by her husband's side.

Through this event, Duchess Meghan markets Harry's book

At a charity event, Meghan planned something clever to help Harry with the sale of his book. According to Express, the Duchess will use the event “The Power of Women – An evening with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex” to promote Harry’s book.

If you take part in the dinner with Meghan, you will find a "pre-order form' for Prince Harry's biography Spare. Participants even have the opportunity to receive a signed copy.

Meghan wants to help her husband 

This is a "clever move" according to royal expert Neil Sean. "Meghan feels she can do her very best to help her husband achieve his dream of becoming a number one international best-selling author."

Also Interesting:

Meghan herself has already published a children's book called The Bench which was not a particular success. Perhaps the Duchess hopes to have success for Harry.