• This is what the cover of Prince Harry's biography means
  • This is how an expert interprets the representation 
  • Prince Harry sends certain signals 

A few days ago the title and cover of Prince Harry's (38) biography were revealed. While the title Spare is apparently an allusion to Harry as the eternal number two behind Prince William (40), the cover photo is also of importance, which you can see in the video.

That's what an expert says about Prince Harry's portrayal 

A body language expert took a closer look at the picture. Judi James tells the British Express her first impression of the cover: "This is not a photo to tell us Harry’s pain is now no longer baggage he carries with him. This headshot seems to create a mirror image for the reader, eye to eye and face to face, and it’s not an expression that seems to have been chosen to illustrate that inspirational man who has been saved by the power of love," explains James.

In fact, Harry looks like he is still suffering. Especially on one half of his face, the expression of his eyes is darker and more intense and his lips are straight.

Harry sends these signals with the cover picture

"This is an asymmetric facial pose. Place your hand over one side of his face and he looks relatively relaxed and with that hint of a smile. Place it over the other though and the difference is quite shocking," said the expert.

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James explains that with just one shot of Harry, two different signals are sent. In addition, his direct stare into the camera would indicate openness and honesty. Now all that remains is to wait and see how candid Harry is in his book.