• Changes coming for Prince Harry and Prince Andrew
  • Parliament plans to change the law
  • The two should no longer be allowed to represent the King

Drama in the UK! A legislative amendment by Parliament is intended to make changes for Prince Harry (38) and Prince Andrew (62).

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew should no longer be allowed to make decisions

According to the current law, the two can still represent the King as "counselors of state" in emergencies. This was passed in 1937 and states that this is reserved for the spouse of the monarch and the next four royals in the line of succession over the age of 21.

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As such, they are entitled to undertake constitutional duties. That could change in the future, however, because, according to the BBC, Parliament wants to make "sensitive changes". They are in favor of giving the titles only to "working royals".

King Charles, who will be crowned next year, is said to have already agreed to this, according to Mirror. Royal experts suggest that Prince Edward and Princess Anne could replace Harry and Andrew.

As a source further reports to the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth grappled with this thought before her death. "The Queen could see the need for some reforms, while not wishing to exclude the Dukes of Sussex or York. The King is simply following through with that, said the insider.