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Duchess Meghan (38) ended her maternity leave with the release of the new collection for SmartWorks. Meghan embraced the clients warmly during the project cooperation, although this contradicts the traditional royal protocol.

But it does however go down well with the royal fans. Grant Harrold, the former butler of Prince Charles, told MailOnline that Meghan "continues Diana's tradition" by greeting the public warmly and personally.

Duchess Meghan's down-to-earth body language also shows "that the British royal family is a modern family of the 21st century," Harrold continued. For the Duchess of Sussex, however, there are also clear traditions to which she must adhere: There are some things that Duchess Meghan is forbidden to do. These include, for example, having a private social media account or taking selfies with fans.

Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan act differently

Duchess Meghan's behaviour contradicts that of Duchess Kate (37), who takes a more traditional approach. "As a future queen, Kate has always followed the royal etiquette and this would involve the use of the handshake as the norm," said body language expert Judi James.

Judi James advised the future queen to imitate the behavior of her husband, Prince William (37), who had learned many qualities and behaviors from his father as a future king.