• Duchess Sophie has shared a rare video
  • She speaks about the conflict in Ukraine
  • She champions rights of victims

The ever-compassionate Duchess Sophie of Edinburgh has taken a stand that's shaking the world! Addressing a crucial conference in Ukraine, our royal beacon of hope didn't mince words when it came to the heinous acts of conflict-related sexual violence plaguing our global society.

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Speaking from her serene abode at Bagshot Park, Duchess Sophie laid bare the grim reality of wartime atrocities. "The landscape seems to be getting worse," she declared, painting a picture of despair and destruction that's gripping nations from Myanmar to the Middle East.

Duchess Sophie's stirring call to action

Don't miss out on the Duchess' powerful message! Click below and witness her impassioned plea to the world – it's a royal rallying cry you simply can't ignore!

"In Ukraine, the tales of survival are heart-wrenching," Sophie revealed, saluting the courage of those who've endured unspeakable horrors since the war began in 2022. This conference isn't just a talk shop – it's a beacon of hope, ensuring that the voices of the valiant are heard and honored!

Royal support: A family affair

The Duchess isn't alone in her noble quest! King Charles himself has lauded the "determination and strength" of the Ukrainian people, while Queen Camilla has delved deep into discussions on the war's devastating impact on women and children.

After a week of snowy escapades in the posh Swiss resort of St Moritz, Duchess Sophie and her family, including 20-year-old Lady Louise Windsor, are back to serve the public. But it's clear that their hearts remain with those fighting for justice in Ukraine.

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