• Duchess Sophie & Prince Edward share a glimpse of their personal lives
  • The royal couple reveal their conjugal Coat of Arms 
  • They married in 1999

In a heartwarming nod to tradition and family, Duchess Sophie and her dashing husband Prince Edward have given the world a glimpse into their personal lives with the unveiling of their conjugal Coat of Arms. This regal emblem, a true family affair, was revealed in a letter from Sophie, the passionate honorary president of LEAF Education.

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A tale of two shields: A royal union embodied

The Coat of Arms, a grand merging of two noble histories, features Prince Edward's personal heraldry on the left, a gift from his youth at 19. On the right, the Rhys-Jones family crest, a proud testament to Sophie's father and her Welsh roots, stands with a backward-looking lion against a vibrant red and blue.

Bagshot Park, the words etched beneath the Coat of Arms, is more than just a residence—it's a sprawling £30 million kingdom where the couple raises their royal offspring, Lady Louise (20) and James, Earl of Wessex (16). With 120 rooms to roam, this leased luxury from the Crown Estate is the epitome of royal living!

The lease of a lifetime: A 150-Year royal commitment!

The Telegraph spills the tea on the couple's recent lease extension—a whopping 150 years! At a reported £5 million, it's a steal for a property valued at a cool £30 million. Twenty years of memories since their 1999 royal wedding, and now, a future secured in their beloved estate.

Sophie Rhys-Jones along with her husband Prince Ed

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