• Prince Edward and Countess Sophie visit the Caribbean
  • The royals face protest from locals during their tour
  • Edward and Sophie's trip comes after William and Kate's

Prince Edward and Countess Sophie's trip to the Caribbean hasn't gone without scrutiny! As the Daily Mail shares, the couple are the latest royals to travel to the island, but people are less than thrilled about their visit.

Edward and Sophie's visit questioned on radio show

Prince Edward and Countess Sophie have been called "oligarchs" and "invaders" by islanders, who do not feel that it is appropriate for their government to allow the royals to be celebrated. They have explained that they are unhappy with the colonial implications of such a visit, calling them "the source of genocide" in a letter. And while Edward and Sophie's Caribbean excursion is meant to be in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, locals don't understand the need for their presence. 

Prince Edward and Countess Sophie talk Harry and Meghan in new interview.

"I would like to know who is benefitting from this Royal visit," St Lucia radio host Sam Flood said on Sunday during his show Tells It Like It Is. "Who really are these royals and what is their significance?" He addressed the fact that Edward and Sophie had attended a reception at the Governor's house and called into question if masks had been worn at the time, also asking where the funding for such a lavish event was coming from.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate faced similar criticism during their own royal tour of the Caribbean earlier this year, which concluded with William addressing the future of the Commonwealth countries they visited. As the Daily Mail mentions, Edward and Sophie are spending time in Antigua and Barbuda this week, set to meet with government officials and community members. They will also pay a visit to a special organization for disabled youth, and attend a reception celebrating the island's cultural traditions.