• Royals have a reputation for not being particularly skilled
  • But some royals are actually successful businesspeople
  • Here are entrepreneurs with blue blood

The royal families of the world, particularly that of the UK, are known to run various organizations that help raise funds for charity.

Despite their roles in these organizations and meetings with important people such as politicians, celebrities, presidents, and more, the public opinion is that royals do not have many capabilities.

However, several members of the Royal Family may prove otherwise, as they own not just an organization, but a business. They may generate funds for profit or not, but they have what it takes to get sales.

European royals who started their own businesses

Here are some royals from various families who had or have businesses. First the United Kingdom...

In 1993, Prince Edward set up a company called Ardent Productions, making documentaries about British castles and one that was particularly successful about his late great-uncle. He left the company in 2002 so he could help the Queen with royal duties.

King Charles created a company in 2007 called The Prince's Mayday Network, which is a collection of companies dedicated to progress in the fight against climate change. It is currently comprised of more than 3,500 companies.

Prior to this, in 1990, the then-Prince created Duchy Originals, which sells organically sourced food products. In 2010 the brand merged with Waitrose. All profits are donated to the King's charities. The products are for sale on sites such as Amazon.

Prince Michael of Kent is a very capable man, being a professional Russian interpreter. He is also a consultant specializing in areas such as real estate, education, technology, as well as industries in medicine, aviation, and automobiles. All of this serves him well as the founder of Genesis Initiative.

Greece, Monaco, and more royal entrepreneurs

In Greece. Princess Marie-Chantal designed her own brand of clothing primarily for infants and children, but also has options for adults as well as additional items. She founded the company in 2000, and her products are available at mariechantal.com.

From Monaco. In 1996, Princess Stephanie co-founded a swimwear line called Pool Position. She also co-owned Replay cafe and a boutique.

Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline, is a renowned author and editor for the ecological magazine Ever Manifesto, which she co-founded. Her first publication came out in 2009.

Also interesting:

As for the Netherlands. Prince Friso was co-founder of the MRI center in Amsterdam, as well as one of the owners and founders of Wizzair, the largest low-cost travel agency in Eastern Europe.

And in Saudi Arabia. Prince Khalid bin Adbullah is co-owner of an insurance company called Al Ahlia. He also owns Oman Telecommunications Company, which produces telecomms services.

Al Waleed Bin Talal is the founder, CEO, and 71.25% owner of Four Seasons Holding Co., a luxury hotel company that includes the George V hotel in Paris. He sold 23.75% to Bill Gates for a part in the company.

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