• Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia this year
  • He retired as a result and hasn't been seen too much
  • Willis now appears in a rare new family photo 

Since going public with his diagnosis of aphasia in early 2022, Bruce Willis has largely stayed out of the public eye.

However, we do see glimpses of him on social media every now and then. Now his daughter Tallulah has posted a cute family photo.

You can see the picture in the video above.

Bruce Willis reunites with ex Demi Moore in new picture

In the new picture, we see: Bruce Willis, Tallulah and Demi Moore! Bruce and Demi were married for 13 years and kept a close relationship afterward too.

Also interesting:

The actress supports her ex even more than 20 years after the divorce. However, the star of the photo is dog Pilaf, who seems to be quite fond of Bruce.

"I love my parents and my family - I do I do I do!" Tallulah captioned the Instagram photo. The brunette is one of three daughters shared by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

With his wife Emma, the action star has another two daughters.

See the picture and more in the video above!