• Never-before-seen wedding picture of William and Kate
  • A body language expert analyzes it
  • She describes the photo as "sexy"

On April 29, 2011, Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (42) exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey, an occasion witnessed by millions globally. To mark their 13th anniversary, the couple shared a special photo captured by photographer Millie Pilkington.

Body language expert analyses William and Kate's photo

Body language expert Judi James offers insights to The Sun, focusing on the subtle yet powerful cues within the photo. She notes Prince William's rare display of childlike joy and intimacy, contrasting with Princess Kate's relaxed posture as she leans against her husband with a smile. These gestures, James suggests, reflect the couple's profound emotional connection and happiness, as well as their shared anticipation for their future as a royal couple.

Royal weddings:

"William holds Kate around the hips to make her look like some precious prize or gift that he wants to hold onto, although there is also a sexier hint here from what is quite an intimate touch for a royal couple."

And further: "This symmetry shows authentic happiness and, with her gleam of excitement in her eye expression matching William’s, they look like a couple that see their royal marriage as a very great adventure to embark on together."

Princess Kate and Prince William: For better or for worse

This year has posed significant challenges for Prince William and Princess Kate, marked by Princess Kate's battle with cancer. Despite the adversity, Kate underscores the unwavering support she has received from Prince William, characterizing his presence as a tremendous source of comfort and assurance.

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