• Prince Louis turned six this week
  • Princess Kate took a photo of him
  • THIS is the message behind it

The United Kingdom recently celebrated Prince Louis's sixth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion, Princess Kate (42) unveiled a brand-new portrait of the young prince.

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Princess Kate: creativity has no limits

Princess Kate's latest portrait of Prince Louis, captured by her own lens, captures the young prince beaming with joy in the picturesque surroundings of a Windsor garden. This gesture of sharing an unfiltered glimpse into their lives has garnered widespread praise from both royal experts and adoring fans, particularly amidst the current challenges confronting the royal family.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, speaking to 'The Sun,' highlighted the significance of this tradition and the positive message it conveys. He noted that sharing such photos is a delicate balance between respecting the privacy of the royal children and garnering public support for charitable causes.

Princess Kate's penchant for capturing intimate moments of her children and sharing them with the public offers a rare glimpse into royal family life, fostering a stronger bond with the public.

Despite facing criticism in the past, notably over her heavily edited Mother's Day photo, it's admirable to see Princess Kate remain undeterred, continuing to capture and share candid snapshots of her family.

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