• Today is Prince Louis' birthday
  • He turned 6 years old on April 23, 2024
  • Learn about the cool connection with Prince George

April 23 isn't just any day in the royal calendar; it's the day Prince Louis, the adorable youngest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, turns 6! But wait, there's more! This day also celebrates St. George's Day, a day of English pride and joy, making Louis' birthday a doubly special occasion.

St. George: More Than Just a Name

St. George isn't just a name that resonates through English history; he's the patron saint of England and a symbol of bravery and chivalry. Famous for slaying dragons and saving princesses, St. George's Day was once a grand celebration across England. Though its popularity waned, recent years have seen a resurgence of this patriotic day. And guess what? Prince George, Louis' big brother, shares his name with this legendary figure, adding layers of significance to their royal namesakes.

The name Louis holds a special place in the hearts of the royal family, tracing back to Prince Philip's grandfather and the beloved Lord Louis Mountbatten. By choosing names that reflect their heritage and honor loved ones, William and Kate weave the past with the present, ensuring that legacy and love go hand in hand.

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Recent Royal Sightings

Despite the challenges, including Princess Kate's brave battle with cancer, the royal family continues to embrace public engagements with grace. Prince Louis, alongside his siblings, made a heartwarming appearance at the Christmas church service, showcasing the unity and strength of the royal family. Prince William's touching response to well-wishes for his wife and father during a recent charity event further highlights their commitment to family and duty.

Celebrating English Culture and History

As St. George's Day regains its place in the hearts of the English people, the royal family stands as a beacon of tradition and patriotism. The alignment of Prince Louis' birthday with such a historic day serves as a reminder of the rich tapestry of history and heritage that shapes the nation.