• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to travel to Netherlands
  • The couple is given a special security designation
  • Harry and Meghan won't meet with Dutch royals

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's safety while attending their next event is going to be treated with the utmost importance! Earlier this week it was confirmed that Meghan would attend the Invictus Games with Harry, and now, details have emerged about the security clearance they will receive while in the Netherlands. 

Harry and Meghan have many security preparations in place

Harry and Meghan will be treated as "VVIPs" while overseas at the Invictus Games, according to the Daily Mail. This particular designation denotes the highest possible level of security the nation offers, denoting the couple as "Very Very Important Persons". That means the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have the ability to directly get in touch with any emergency or law enforcement personnel if the situation were to require it.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at the Salute To Freedom Gala 2021

The Daily Mirror also reports that Harry and Meghan have done some additional safety preparation themselves before heading overseas. Not only is a "detailed extraction process" said to have been coordinated in case the need for them to be removed from a terrorist situation arises, the couple reportedly also underwent "hostile environment" training ahead of their visit.

Also interesting:

Harry and Meghan's security after leaving the royal family is something that has caused concern for them on several occasions. It has been reported that the reason they did not attend Prince Philip's spring memorial had to do with Harry's concern over their safety. And while Harry and Meghan may be paying a visit to the Netherlands soon, they have not been invited to meet with the Dutch royals.