• Sadly we lost The Queen as she passed away this year 
  • King Charles III is now in charge of choosing if he will keep their family traditions 
  • The royal family might be planning on reuniting once again at the end of this year 

This 2022 Christmas will be the first major celebration for the British royals that they will have to celebrate without Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September.

Many now wonder if King Charles III will keep his mother's holiday traditions.

Will King Charles III keep their traditions?

In recent decades, it has been the custom for the royal family to spend the holidays at the Sandringham estate in the county of Norfolk.

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There the Queen always invited the whole family to celebrate Christmas together. As reported by 'The Telegraph', King Charles is also said to want to adhere to this tradition.

Find out what the royals have planned for this upcoming Christmas in our video above.