• Every year the Dutch celebrate their ruling monarch
  • There have been no celebrations in the past two pandemic years
  • King Willem-Alexander had a very happy return to normalcy in 2022

It's always nice to get celebrated. Most of us get to celebrate our birthday with our friends and family and maybe a few more acquaintances. Some of us might get a round of applause at a restaurant or maybe at work, but only monarchs have a entire nation stop what they are doing to celebrate their birthday.

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The Dutch Know How To Party!

King Willem-Alexander Of The Netherlands And Queen Maxima Visit Berlin - Day Two

This year, Willem-Alexander spent the day in Maastricht, where he was greeted by fans wearing the national color orange. He was accompanied by Queen Máxima and their three daughters Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, who are real style queens themselves. Talk about celebrating with those you love!

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