• Prince Louis just turned 4 years old
  • That means he's starting school soon
  • THIS is why it should be extra special

Prince Louis just celebrated his 4th birthday, and that means things are about to change for the little royal.

In just a few months, Prince William and Duchess Kate's youngest will begin school. But that's not all. Unexpectedly, he will likely attend the same school as his siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Report: Prince Louis to join George and Charlotte at school

Prince Louis is starting school in September, and his parents are actually planning to move to a new home before then.

With the move would come a new school, and the Daily Mail reports that William and Kate want George, Charlotte, and Louis in a school together. Which has to be exciting news for little Louis.

George, Charlotte and Louis: This Is How Life Will Change As They Grow Up

Of course, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 4, wouldn't be in the same class, but the transition for Louis and his parents should come easier knowing his siblings are close by.

Also interesting:

The Cambridge family's move has been a hot topic in the royal world for a few months now, but they haven't made any official announcements just yet.

However, William and Kate apparently have their sights set on a school in Windsor for their kids. George and Charlotte had been attending schools in London.

Expect more on the move and Prince Louis starting school in the coming months.