• A new portrait was done of Prince William and Kate
  • The royals visited the museum to see the painting
  • All eyes were on the real Duchess Kate and her look 

June 23 was certainly a special day for Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate. Their first couple's portrait was presented to the public at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Artist Jamie Coreth was very proud of his painting, which you can see in the video above. In the portrait, Prince William is portrayed wearing a classic dark suit. Duchess Kate shines at his side in an elegant green dress which highlights her slender figure.

Were you looking at Duchess Kate or the painting?

What a beautiful portrait! The painting is so well done – you could almost mistake it for a photo. But as great as Kate looks in the portrait, the real Duchess Kate outshines everything during the museum visit – even the painting.

The Duchess wears a sweet midi summer dress from the luxury brand LK Bennet on this special day. In addition, the style icon combines a long coat and pumps.

Also interesting:

For another appearance that day, Kate ditched the coat and wedge-heeled shoes replaced the pumps. With this, Kate proves once again how stylish she is

All eyes were on Kate, who even shared in a hearty laugh with the crowd. Her summer look was a big success...

Watch the video above to see the pictures!