Prince William and Prince Harry have been feuding for a long time, and you almost never see them together in public.

But, in honour of their late mother Princess Diana, they are again finding common ground. William and Harry are involved with a very special prize: The Legacy Award, as part of The Diana Award.

This award is given every two years to adolescents and young adults who are socially committed or do humanitarian work. As Hello! revealed, the two princes really wanted to take part in the ceremony.

Prince William and Prince Harry: A very special price

Before the award ceremony, Prince William met 10 of the award recipients at Kensington Palace, in the garden with the recently unveiled statue of Diana. Harry, in turn, greeted another nine during a live video call from California. 

Although the brothers weren't in the same place, they finally got together again for a project.

This year's winners come from all over the world. Each winner now has the opportunity to participate in a two-year program to further improve their skills.

The collaboration between the brothers is their first since they reunited to unveil the statue of their late mother at Kensington Palace.

Harry has now been living in the US for over a year, and reunions with William have become rare.

Prince William gave the keynote speech in Dublin on Wednesday.

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