• The procession for the Queen's coffin took place on Wednesday in London
  • There were several breakdowns
  • Even a member of the royal family was affected

It is a feat that the planners around the funeral of the Queen († 96) have to cope with. The procession in which the coffin of the monarch was brought from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey was one of the biggest royal events of recent years. 

Funeral March for the Queen: This went wrong

Thousands of spectators and mourners gathered as the royals escorted the Queen's coffin on one of her final journeys. Of course, not everything went smoothly. One of the bystanders collapsed and had to be cared for and transported away by paramedics. 

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With the crowd standing close together, staying on their feet for a long time, and emotions running high, it's no wonder. The same happened to one of the Queen's guards who attended the vigil at Westminster Abbey. 

A Queen's security guard collapsed

In one broadcast, viewers watched the security guard, who was standing with his back to the coffin, fall forward and hit the ground. Two police officers immediately rushed over to help the man. 

Again and again, guards or soldiers break down on official royal occasions. After all, they sometimes have to stand in place for several hours in uniform. 

Even one of the royals appeared to be unwell during the funeral procession. Lady Gabriella Windsor (41), daughter of Michael of Kent (80), had a dizzy spell while entering Westminster Abbey, as Hello! reported. She then canceled her participation in the mourning event.