When the book was first published, the international press was to quick to highlight some of the more shocking details about the British royal family that the book revealed. Shortly after, Harry and Meghan participated in a now famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they talked more about why they decided to split from the royal family and go their separate ways.

Up until this point, it seemed like Harry and Meghan's stories justifiably drew the sympathy and support of people everywhere. But it now looks like the famous book Finding Freedom, that started it all, wasn't entirely unauthorized, and actually had Harry and Meghan's help in its inception!

Harry And Meghan Helped Write 'Finding Freedom'?

Harry And Meghan Helped Write Finding Freedom?

The couple's former press secretary Jason Knauf revealed in a shocking statement released by the Court of Appeal in London on Wednesday that Meghan and Harry allegedly cooperated with the authors of the book during its writing... something they have always vehemently denied to the press and the public. 

Knauf went on to claim that he attended a two-hour meeting with the authors for which Meghan provided “briefing points she wanted me to share with the authors.” After the meeting, Knauf wrote to Meghan that the book would be “a celebration of you that corrects the record on a number of fronts.”

This obviously shatters the image of an uninvolved Harry and Meghan, and it suggests that perhaps they might not have been completely honest about other things surrounding the Windsors. No word from Buckingham Palace yet on these latest revelations, but surely that won't be long in coming either!

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