Baby Sussex will be arriving any day now and Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) sent royal fans crazy yesterday when they referred to their baby as Baby Sussex for the first time ever on their official Instagram account. 

The Duke of Sussex is "so excited" for his and Meghan's first baby!

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They thanked fans of the Royal Family for donating to various charities for children as well as for sending the couple themselves presents for their firstborn. The Sussexes asked well-wishers to donate to the charities The Lunch Box Fund, Little Village, WellChild and Baby2Baby a week ago. Harry and Meghan revealed on their Instagram account yesterday that thanks to royal fans 100 000 hot meals will be served to children in need across South Africa. 

And Baby2Baby, a charity which helps both parents and children in need in Los Angeles (Meghan's home town), received a huge amount of gifts thanks to the Sussexes call for support, including cots, books, backpacks and nappies.

Meghan and Harry are planning a home birth  

Speculation about all things Baby Sussex has been rife over the last few months, but it is believed that Prince Harry and his wife are planning to welcome their firstborn into the world at home in their newly renovated cottage close to Her Majesty's Windsor Castle home. They have opted not to have the Queen's senior royal medical staff on hand, but have instead picked their own team of medical professionals. 

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