• Prince Daniel is currently in the United States
  • Is he visiting Princess Madeleine now?
  • The Swedish royals could have a reunion

Prince Daniel's trip to the United States has just officially come to an end, and his next official appointment with Crown Princess Victoria isn't until March 28. That would be plenty of time to pay a visit to his sister-in-law Princess Madeleine while he's already in her adopted home.

A tricky reunion for Prince Daniel and Princess Madeleine?

Princess Madeleine is currently said to reside in a 600 square meter villa in Florida, in the Pinecrest residential area. Prince Daniel, who flew to the US without his wife, was overseas for his fellowship program, so it wouldn't be surprising if he took the opportunity to drop by Madeleine's.

There is one problem though: Daniel has been traveling along the west coast between Seattle and San Francisco. Florida, on the other hand, is in the southeastern US.

Also interesting:

Communications officer Daniel Urso did not mention anything about a visit to Svensk Damtidning. Urso accompanied Prince Daniel on his trip and insisted it's strictly for business, which is why the prince is in the US.

Nonetheless, Prince Daniel and Princess Madeleine share a special bond: it was through Madeleine that Daniel met Victoria. At the time, Madeleine went to Daniel's Master Training gym and recommended that her sister train there as well.

Today we all know how it all ended: Daniel and Victoria are happily married and have two children. Princess Victoria is the heir to the Swedish throne.