• Princess Estelle is second in line to the Swedish throne
  • She would become Queen after her mother Princess Victoria
  • A royal expert says Estelle may never become Queen at all

King Carl Gustaf will one day be succeeded on the Swedish throne by Crown Princess Victoria and then her daughter Princess Estelle.

But historian and royal expert Herman Lindqvist thinks it is doubtful that Estelle will actually be Sweden's Queen one day. He believes that the monarchy in Sweden will not survive much longer.

"Already, almost half of the population and the majority of representatives in the Riksdag are against the monarchy. New scandals will only accelerate the process of liquidation," he said previously in a 2012 interview with Vasabladet.

Royal historian believes Estelle may never be Queen of Sweden

Today, he still holds this opinion – that the end of the monarchy in Sweden is near. He gives another reason for this: Marriage between royals and spouses without royal lineage.

"I think in the long run it will come to a standstill. Unfortunately, the more people marry non-royally and the more non-royal children are born, the more pointless it is to continue," he describes his view on the P1 radio show Söndagsintervjun.

The expert estimates that the monarchy will only continue to exist for 20 years at most, as he further explains in the program.

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However, if Estelle does make it to the throne and becomes Queen, Herman Lindqvist strongly believes that she will be the last monarch of the Scandinavian country.

"[Estelle] would probably be the last, unfortunately. I'm sorry, but there is a trend in this direction," he says.

Perhaps this prediction will overshadow King Carl Gustaf's jubilee this year? On Sept. 15, 2023, he celebrates his 50th throne anniversary.

It remains to be seen how the Swedish monarchy will continue in the future and if Estelle will one day become Queen...

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