• Prince Harry wasn't allowed to just propose to Meghan
  • He was told he had to get the Queen's approval first
  • Harry revealed the unusual conversation in his book Spare

When Prince Harry told his most trusted advisors of his plan to propose to Meghan Markle, he was informed that there were royal customs to follow.

First of all, he was told he had to ask the Queen for permission to marry Meghan. Through his book Spare, Harry expresses his annoyance at having to ask his grandmother for approval.

For Harry it "didn't make any sense" because he was a fully grown man. Harry said he was nervous about asking her the question, as receiving a "no" from the Queen would've been a crushing blow to his future with Meghan.

Revealed: The Queen's response to Harry's big question about Meghan

However, when Prince Harry was finally able to have a conversation with her on the subject, Queen Elizabeth's response left him speechless!

He decided to wait until the family had gone to Sandringham, hoping it would put the Queen in a "good mood." Once they finished their business, Harry approached the Queen in private.

Also interesting:

Harry describes in his book that he was nervous, and he remarked to her: "I've been told that I have to ask your permission before I can propose." To which the Queen replied: "You have to?"

After telling her how in love he was with Meghan, there was a moment of silence, but the Queen replied: "Well then, I suppose I have to say yes."

Harry confessed he was surprised by how she answered: "I didn't get it. Was she being sarcastic? Ironic? Deliberately cryptic? Was she indulging in a bit of wordplay? [...]

"Maybe she just saw the chance to play off my unfortunate use of the word 'have' and couldn't resist."

Once he had the Queen's blessing, Harry designed a ring using diamonds from Princess Diana's collection. He popped the question during an evening at Kensington Palace...

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