• Prince Harry is very active against racism
  • He is said to have made racist comments as a child
  • Lady Diana reacted immediately to the incident

Today, Prince Harry is a father of two and has been committed to many issues that are close to his heart, including mental health advocacy and the fight against racism.

In the latter case, he and his wife Meghan shocked us in March 2021 when they said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that the British royal family is racist, and that was one of the reasons they turned their backs on the royals.

Prince Harry made racist statement as a child?

Now Royal correspondent Robert Jobson claims in his new book 'Our King' that Harry himself is said to have once racially insulted someone. At that time, he was still a little boy.

According to the report, Harry allegedly imitated the accent of a Sikh bus driver during an outing with Diana and his brother Prince William on a London bus, humiliating his mother. Sikh is an independent religion that has origins in northern India.

"On the bus, Diana had to tell Harry to stop imitating the Sikh bus driver's distinctive Punjabi accent every time a passenger rang the bell to get off," according to the author.

Also interesting:

Although the bus driver himself was calm about the matter, Diana was so embarrassed that they cut the trip short and all three got off the bus at Green Park, Jobson told 'Mirror'.

Diana slapped Harry and told him never to do anything like that again. Harry even had to write an apology letter.

"Since he was still a child, Harry can be forgiven, but it clearly shows that Diana would not tolerate any racism in either of her sons," Jobson continues to say.