It was announced on Thursday that Meghan Markle's first job after stepping back as a senior royal took her back into show business. She actually narrated an upcoming Disneynature documentary called Elephant that will be released on April 3 on the new streaming platform Disney+.

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But how much was she paid for her her work on the new doc? After all, she and her husband Prince Harry are looking to be financially independent...

Tras batalla legal, Meghan Markle recibirá 1 libra esterlina en daños 

Meghan Markle was not paid a penny for her work!

It turns out that Meghan did not receive any money for her work as a narrator for Elephant. As "payment" for her voiceover work, which she recorded sometime before Christmas in 2019, she made a deal with Disney for a sizable donation to Elephants Without Borders, a conservationist group dedicated to protecting elephants from poachers.

That sounds like a good deal to us! The voice work for this impressive Disneynature documentary is her first job in the entertainment industry ever since she married Prince Harry in May 2018.

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