• Duchess Meghan invites a superstar to her podcast
  • In it, the term "diva" was discussed
  • Meghan is dubbed as such by her guest

Duchess Meghan (41), invited a very special guest to her podcast Archetypes. It is none other than megastar Mariah Carey (53). 

Appropriately, this episode is about the theme: The Duality of Diva. In it, the two women talk about the complexity of the term "diva".

Mariah Carey called Duchess Meghan a diva

And Mariah Carey of all people, who is known for her diva-lie tendencies, now dubbed Duchess Meghan as such: "You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan. Don't even act like…"

A statement that the former actress and today's Duchess of Sussex probably didn't expect and had to follow up immediately: "What diva moments?“

Meghan then wondered where the singer's assumption came from and apparently has the media in mind directly.

Duchess Meghan had no control over her public image

In her latest interview with The Cut, Duchess Meghan spoke openly about the fact that during her time as Senior Royal she suddenly no longer had control over her public image and even her life and she was often portrayed negatively.

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This misunderstanding makes it immediately clear how negative the term has connotations. Still, it doesn't have to mean something negative for everyone. Prince Harry's (37) wife now realized that. To learn more, watch the video above!