• Duchess Meghan gives another interview
  • In it, she talks about her broken relationship with the royals
  • It's what's best for their children

In an interview with the magazine The Cut, Duchess Meghan (41) talks about how the British royal family changed her life, what she had to give up and how these difficulties also weakened Prince Harry's relationship with his family.

"It was a big adjustment—a huge adjustment to go from that kind of autonomy to a different life", Meghan reports on her experience. Her privacy is said to have been invaded again and again, against which Meghan went to court and won.

Meghan and Prince Harry decided to live a quieter life

Finally, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry (37) decided to step down as senior royals and move to the United States to live a quieter life, away from royal duties and public pressure.

But the future British king, Prince Charles, was not happy about this at all. "Harry said to me, 'I lost my dad in this process,'" she added on the topic.

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Meghan and Harry's retirement from the royal family has been positive for their children

From Meghan's point of view, the resignation from the Royal Family and the move to the United States has been particularly positive for her children. For example, if Archie (3) went to school in Great Britain, she would not be able to take him there or pick him up herself without the press being everywhere.

"Sorry, I have a problem with that. That doesn’t make me obsessed with privacy...That makes me a strong and good parent protecting my child," she explains.

When asked if Meghan can forgive the British royal family, she replies: "I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy to not forgive. But it takes a lot of effort to forgive ... especially knowing that I can say anything," Meghan told The Cut.