• Prince Harry is a controversial British royal
  • He has a strong relationship with his cousin Princess Eugenie
  • Eugenie and Harry have been each's other support systems for some time now

Luckily for Prince Harry, he has some good support systems in place when it comes to handling royal pressures. One of his strongest pillars of support is his cousin Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Eugenie and Harry have often shared many special moments growing up, and they have a pretty tight bond that extends even to this day!

Eugenie and Harry are a great example of loyalty and trust

Prince Harry has always been close to his cousin Eugenie, even since they were little kids. Eugenie and Harry would play together and would often exchange toys as kids. And as they grew older, Eugenie and Harry found they could confide in each other when times got tough.

Also interesting:

When Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana died, Harry was reportedly very isolated and shielded from the rest of his family.
However, he always had a smile for Eugenie who somehow always managed to get the best out of Harry. Princess Eugenie proved to be a strong support for Prince Harry through the years following said tragedy.

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