• Prince William is next in line to the British throne
  • The monarchy's popularity has been waning
  • William and Kate seek to change that

The world is fast changing, and so is Great Britain. According to a survey by 'YouGov', only 36 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds want to keep the royal family as an institution! In 2013 it was still a whole 72 percent. However, Prince William and Princess Kate have a plan to regain popularity with their younger subjects.

William and Kate want to modernize things

The magic word is: social media. Since the eve of the coronation, the heir to the throne has been posting content from their own four palace walls on a regular basis and giving intimate insights into life at the royal court.

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Prince William and Princess Kate want to make the life of British royals more transparent. For example, in the videos they post on social media, they can be seen going about their daily chores...

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