• Is Princess Eleanor in love?
  • The possible future king of Spain is currently playing in the World Cup
  • Can you guess who it is?

Leonor may still be young. But she's starting grow into the woman she is going to become. She doesn't have any boys in her life that we know of. However, the media rumors that there is possibly a future love interest between the heiress to the Spanish crown and a soccer player from the same country's national team. Can you guess who it is?

She is his #1 number fan

We are talking about Pablo Martín Gavira, who was born on August 2004 in Seville. Gavi, as he is known, has proven to be a name to remember, being part of the Spanish team at the age of 17...the youngest ever debutant for his country. 

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princess eleanor

It has been rumored that the princess is completely crazy about the footballer, with photos of him in her notebooks and has said she has a very "special" feeling towards Gavi. His father, King Felipe, agrees so much that he even went to the team dressing room to request a signed team shirt for her...

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