• February is here and people have Valentine's Day on the mind
  • Princess Kate was asked about Valentine's gifts at an event
  • This was her joke about Prince William's gift to her...

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and it led to an amusing encounter for Princess Kate at a new public appointment.

The Princess had stopped by a market in Leeds during a tour for her passion project, Shaping Us.

Princess Kate had a laugh about Valentine's Day gifts

There, a florist asked her about a possible Valentine's Day gift from her husband: "William will be buying you some red roses?"

But Kate's response was, shall we say, surprising! "I don't think he will!" said the Princess with a smile on her face.

Also interesting:

Why the mother of three joked that she won't get any roses is a little unclear. Perhaps it's because hyacinths are one of her favourite flowers.

Despite the amusing incident, Kate remained focused on her real mission in Leeds: to launch her "Shaping Us" campaign.

Shaping Us will emphasize the importance of the early years of life in the development of children...

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