Kate Middleton is reflecting on the bittersweet side of parenting in lockdown. The Duchess of Cambridge featured on Tuesday's episode of BBC Breakfast, where she appeared in a short clip to promote the Tiny Happy People digital resource. The 38-year-old royal mom describes the resource as "gold dust" for new parents, and recalled her memories as a first-time mom in the clip.

Kate Middleton's bittersweet parenting reveal about Prince Louis

In the BBC clip, mother-of-three Kate shared some relatable details about having to enforce social distancing rules to young children. While Prince George, 6, and Princess Charlotte, 5, appear to largely grasp the concept, their younger sibling, Prince Louis, 2, isn't quite old enough to be aware of his proximity to others.

In the Duchess's case, she's had to attempt to rein in her loving 2-year-old son. While chatting with other parents and children in the short, Kate revealed: "I was just saying, Louis doesn't understand social distancing. So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything, particularly any babies younger than him."

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Duchess Kate is one mindful mother

It's a bittersweet reveal about the affection 2-year-old, but, like many parents at this time, the Duchess recognizes the importance of health and social distancing guidelines. She also shared with other parents that her children have maintained a healthy appetite during lockdown. "My children have bottomless pits," she joked. "I feel like a constant feeding machine."

The Duchess of Cambridge's new initiative, Tiny Happy People, offers free educational resources to new parents. It's a partnership with the BBC, and it places emphasis on language skills and parenting for young children. "In the first few months there's a huge amount of support from the midwives and health visitors, but from then onwards, there's a massive gap before they then start school," Kate said. Tiny Happy People intends to fill the gap the Duchess references.

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In recent months, Prince William and Duchess Kate had themselves shifted to the role of teachers to George and Charlotte, as schools closed down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But the children finished up their homeschooling for the summer earlier this month. The family of five is now taking in the summer at Norfolk.

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